Personal Finance Overview, July

This month has definitely been an interesting one. We saved money, spent money, and even wasted some money as usual.

Personal Finance Overview, July

The biggest news is that we began renting out our house and moved to an apartment. Our renters move in tomorrow, and I am grabbing the last of our stuff later tonight.

The real question is whether or not our pretty drastic lifestyle changes made any financial difference. It definitely had an emotional and physical impact (I swear I’m hiring movers next time), but how has it affected our finances?

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Carnival of Personal Finance #267

The Best Money Blog received editors choice honors in the new Carnival of Personal Finance#267, this time hosted over at Beating Broke.

Carnival of Personal Finance #267Saving Money For Opportunities was chosen along with four other articles to be featured at the top of the list.

Be sure to check our some of my personal favorites below that were included in the carnival.

The Best Money Blog’s Favorites

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Using F.E.A.R. To Make Money

Why are you so afraid of your own success? Do you even realize that fear is what is keeping you from reaching your goals?

The #1 Reason For Financial Failure

The number one reason that most people fail to meet their economic expectations is fear. You must learn how to overcome this fear if you ever want to move beyond your current fiscal situation.

Saving Money For Opportunities

As a follow up to Wednesday’s article on our current exploration of renting out our house, I felt like now would be a good time to discuss the greater purpose of saving money.

Saving Money For Opportunities

A couple of days ago I went into some detail as to what we are planning to do with the money we will save.

Today I want to try to explain it in a way to will serve as a long term inspiration to anyone, no matter what financial situation you might be in.

Carnival of Personal Finance, Getting Hot In Here Edition

The Best Money Blog was featured once again in the Carnival of Personal Finance, Getting Hot In Here Edition, this time hosted over at Nerd Wallet.

Carnival of Personal Finance #264

If you have never checked out a carnival of personal finance, now is there time. They are chock full of the best articles out there on saving, spending, investing, frugality, and all things money.

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Top 3 Money Articles of the Week

Money Saving Idea #2 – Downsizing

A few articles back, I posted my first money saving idea, which was to use cash for groceries in order to track our expenses better. This week I wanted to talk about something that has been in the works for the past month that will finally come to fruition about a week from now.

Money Saving Idea #2 - Downsizing

We have rented out our house and are downsizing to an apartment!

Before any congratulations or bashing begins, read the rest of the article to see our reasoning behind the move.

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