5 Ways Personal Finance is Like Working Out

Similarities can be drawn between two seemingly unrelated things, in this case, personal finance and working out.

5 Ways Personal Finance is Like Working Out

To be successful in either discipline takes change as it is usually contrary to human nature.

By studying positive aspects in one facet of your life, you can learn a lot about what it takes to be successful in other areas. Below is a list of five ways that personal finance is like working out, and by learning to apply these five character traits, you can see growth in both areas.


Attitude is one attribute that must be obtained and practiced to be successful with money and with your body. If you feel hopeless and lost, you will shy away from trying new things. It is your attitude towards trying the unknown that will eventually lead you to improve your life.

Before anything else, you have to believe that you can do it, no matter what challenges lie ahead. We’ve all heard stories of people paying off tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and just knowing that it has been done before should give you a positive attitude towards your ability to excel in the same way.


Another essential trait for financial and physical success is commitment. Give me any idea and I can work at it for a week. The problem is that becoming healthy and wealthy in life takes more than a week. It’s not just something you do like a homework assignment. It really is a lifestyle change that you have to promise to adopt and commit yourself to living out.


Desire is similar to your overall attitude but differs in that you can always believe that something is possible, but if you don’t desire it for yourself, you will never put your thoughts to action. Desire can be one of the strongest motivators. You don’t just want to lose 25 pounds or become financially free, you desire it. You can try to put it out of your head, but the desire persists until it is satisfied.


Planning is where a lot of people struggle in their quest for physical or financial health. They have the right attitude, they are committed, and they have a desire for change, but don’t know what to do next.

Emotions without logic are as useful as nails with a marshmallow hammer. You must sit down and create a plan. This will give you a solid foundation to build from and analyze your progress.


Finally comes perseverance. Like I stated before, the choice to become more financially responsible or physically fit are not one-time, 30-day programs. Although short term, step-by-step guides can be a great starting point, the real change comes with your ability to persevere.

Once you have gained the proper knowledge and established good habits, a new challenge will present itself in that you must consciously work to sustain your new way of life. Over time it becomes easier and more natural, but the struggle (and it is a struggle) to essentially start over in life can be overwhelming.

The Road to Becoming Healthy and Wealthy

I know people who are in the best shape of their life physically, but if you had to rate their financial situation on a scale from “thin” to “fat”, you would give it a “morbidly obese”. On the contrary, a lot of people who spend countless hours perfecting their finances neglect their physical health.

If you are good at physical fitness or personal finance, applying the principals from one to the other can be a great first step towards progress in both.

Have you noticed a connection between your physical and financial situations?


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