You Already Know How To Save Money, So Why Don’t You Do It?

You’ve read hundreds of blogs telling you 1,286 different ways you can save money. Some of them might seem crazy, and they often are, but others are tried and true methods that have been successfully practiced since before money was first printed. Why aren’t you using any of them?

You Already Know How To Save Money, So Why Don’t You Do It?

We’re going to dive deeper into the reasons for inaction on your quest for financial freedom.

You know exactly what you have to do to get there but you aren’t doing them, so what is holding you back?

How To Act Rich To Become Rich

How To Act Rich To Become RichActing rich is a good thing. Acting how you think rich people act is a bad thing. One of the most common misconceptions about rich folks is that they spend their money frivolously because they are so wealthy that they don’t have to worry about it. While it is true that some wealthy people, professional athletes in particular, live an over-extravagant lifestyle, the majority of rich people got to where they are by living below their means and persistently investing money. Once you learn to act rich, you will hear the phrase, “You spend money like a millionaire”, and take it as a compliment.

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Why Your Paycheck Doesn’t Get Any Bigger From Week to Week

One of the most eye opening money experiences I have ever had came when I asked myself, “Why doesn’t my paycheck get any bigger from week to week?”

Why Your Paycheck Doesn’t Get Any Bigger From Week to Week

I would get paid every Friday and for some reason, I would expect the amount on the check to be different. Not because I felt entitled to more money, but because I was finally realizing that if I continued living the way that I was, I wouldn’t be able to reach my financial goals.

It was at that moment that I realized I had to do something drastically different to reach my goal of financial freedom.

Evaluating and Eliminating Monthly Expenses

Almost everyone has monthly fees of some sort, and if you don’t, then we should be the ones reading your blog.

From a mortgage and car insurance to gym memberships and pet health plans, monthly expenses are one of the major factors keeping us from saving money.

Evaluating and Eliminating Monthly Fees

There are only two ways to get rid of your monthly fees, and only one of those ways will make a substantial impact on your ability to save.

By continually and thoroughly evaluating your monthly fees, you will be able to decrease your expenses, allowing you the freedom to utilize your money more effectively.

5 Common Ways Companies Trick You Into Giving Away Your Money

Coming from a background in marketing, it is obviously helpful to see what kinds of advertising tactics lead to more sales. More and more creative ideas are tried every day in an effort to sell more products.

5 Common Way Companies Trick You Into Giving Away Your Money

Advertising is basically a way for a company to trick you into giving them your money. No matter what they say, the sole purpose of these gimmicks is to get into your wallet.

By understanding some of the most common strategies that companies use, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not it’s really a good idea to buy something.

How to Counteract Lifestyle Inflation

I first heard of lifestyle inflation in an article at the wonderful personal finance blog, Budgets Are Sexy, and it really got me thinking. Having gotten a raise at each new job I’ve worked at, shouldn’t my rate of saving increased exponentially.

Where Has All Your New Money Gone?If I was as financially savvy back then as I am now, I would venture to say that the answer would be yes. Then why am I not saving as much as I could be?

The answer is lifestyle inflation.

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