How To Make Money By Stealing From Yourself

Now that I have you wondering if this blog is just one big sick joke, let me explain.

There are literally thousands of methods for saving money. No one method works for each person in every situation, but by knowing and trying different methods, you can quickly find one that works for you.

How To Make Money By Stealing From Yourself

By learning what works for you, saving will become second nature and you will begin to see progress.

The Best Money Blog’s Best Resources

I got the great idea to share the resources I have used in this blog and other areas of my life from Smart Passive Income’s, “Multiple Strategies I Use To Place Affiliate Links”.

You’ll find information on blogging and websites, book recommendations, as well as affiliate marketing and more.

Check out The Best Money Blog’s Best Resources.

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Personal Finance Overview, June

Every month I am going to post the things that my wife and I have done to eliminate our spending while increasing our income. Many debt reduction blogs will post the progress they’ve made towards escaping debt, but I’d like to look at the bigger picture, which is life far beyond paying off debt.

Personal Finance Overview, June

Everybody pays for certain wants in life.

It can be a good thing, but you must come to realize that you can’t have everything you want and expect to be where you want to be as well off financially, at least not in the very beginning.

Below are some of the things we have cut back on in the month of June that are slowly changing our future financial outlook for the better.

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The Number One Way Not To Get Rich

Buy everything you want. That’s it, that’s the secret. It seems obvious, but the more you look at it, the more you’ll realize that you do it every day.

See that laptop over there? Charge it, you’ll pay it off eventually.

The One Way Not To Get Rich

See those new designer shoes? It’s buy one get one half off right?

You might as well get the extra large drink, after all, it’s only $1 more.

6 Major Money Leaks In Your Life

Have you ever felt like the money in your bank account was disappearing faster than you could even keep track of?

There are plenty of things in life that seem to drain our wallets faster than than we can open them ourselves, but by knowing what some of the major sources are, you can save your self a good chunk of money every month.

6 Major Money Leaks In Your Life

How To Cultivate An Attitude For Success

You’re going to see a lot of posts on The Best Money Blog about the fundamental attitude of people. This is simply because it is not the lack of ideas or abilities that hinders us from success, but the way we approach our lives.

How To Cultivate An Attitude For Success

I use the word cultivate to show you how you should view your financial situation. Most people do not get rich quick and most others do not even get rich slowly. It is said that 10% of people control 90% of the wealth in the world.

You can become part of that 10% with the right attitude, but you must invest your time, money, and effort and with continual attention, you will begin to reap the benefits of your labor.

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