Using F.E.A.R. To Make Money

Why are you so afraid of your own success? Do you even realize that fear is what is keeping you from reaching your goals?

The #1 Reason For Financial Failure

The number one reason that most people fail to meet their economic expectations is fear. You must learn how to overcome this fear if you ever want to move beyond your current fiscal situation.

The Myth Of Luck In Financial Success

Earlier this morning, I read a reply to a post on The Simple Dollar about improving your financial situation that got me thinking.

The Myth Of Luck In Financial Success

Leah W, along with a few other people, disagreed with some of what Trent said.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard to tell which of the comments are her own thoughts, and which ones are the comments of others, but it’s not about who wrote what, it’s about what was said.

Sam is a gentleman that had just written the following to Trent at The Simple Dollar in response to just about all the information available on his blog:

You think your world is all rainbows and puppies. Guess what? Karma will eventually bite you in the [rear]. Seven months ago I got fired from my job for no fault of my own the company was going under. Now I can’t pay my bills and I’m going to lose my house. Your life isn’t a real life.

Here is some of what Leah W. posted:

Not all people are so lucky. Trent often overlooks the “luck” factor and chalks it up to his hard work and dedication. Truly, that’s part of the mix. But some people work just as hard and are just as dedicated, but they end up like Sam.

It is true, many people work equally as hard and are just as determined as those around them, so what is it that makes some of them more financially successful than others?

I would not say luck.