Using F.E.A.R. To Make Money

Why are you so afraid of your own success? Do you even realize that fear is what is keeping you from reaching your goals?

The #1 Reason For Financial Failure

The number one reason that most people fail to meet their economic expectations is fear. You must learn how to overcome this fear if you ever want to move beyond your current fiscal situation.

Defeat Fear With The Knowledge Of F.E.A.R.

To make it a little easier to work through your apprehensions, I wanted to give you an easy way to remember that you should not fear change.

F: Failure

Failure only teaches you how to succeed.

If your goal involves freedom from owing people money for your car, house, or even old student loans, then you absolutely cannot afford to fear failure. If you live a safe life, you will get safe results. You have to take chances to live an extraordinary life. Notice I said “chances” and not just “chance”.

You are used to a life of habit and routines. Many of the things that you try that have great earning potential will fail. If you were to stop the first time you failed, you would be done trying before dinner time. Knowing that you will sometimes, and maybe even often times, fail before diving into something new will help you see it as a learning experience, rather than a message from God telling you to stop trying.

It may seem unnatural to fail over and over again, but that is because it is something you have learned. If you think about it, our natural instinct is to do whatever it takes to get what we want.

If you were a primitive hunter in a desolate jungle, would you give up the first time you failed to catch an animal for food? Not if you wanted to live. This is the attitude you need to adopt. You must learn to treat other situations in the same way.

You know that you have what it takes to succeed, but you have to be determined to do it. Do not fear failure. Embrace it as a tool to help you succeed in the future.

E: Emotion

This is for all the ladies out there! I’m just kidding. Fear is an emotion, and emotions make us do irrational things.

In the wake of our decision to downsize to save money, there has been some uneasiness both on my part and from my wife.

We are leaving the home (albeit temporarily) that I proposed in, our first house as a married couple, and the place we brought home our two furry babies. Are you crying yet?

I’m not saying that in order to get ahead financially you have to live as a stoic for the rest of your life. You do, however, need to understand your emotions and learn to think logically.

If the purpose of earning and saving money is to live a better life, then you must realize that emotions are temporary. You may have to leave a home with a lot of memories, but you will create new memories wherever you go, and to be honest, wouldn’t you like those memories to be traveling to different countries, spending your days with family and friends rather than working, or laying out by the pool at your dream house? I thought so.

It’s like the delayed gratification, marshmallow experiment. You can have a car, home, and a lot of toys right now, but at what expense? If you can learn to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion to save money now, while finding new ways to earn even more, you will be able to have your ten-tier chocolate cake and eat it too.

A: Apathy

Apathy is one of my biggest pet peeves. I can understand not caring whether you eat beef, chicken, or spicy duck neck for dinner, but how can you not care about how you will be spending your time for the rest of your life?

A lot of the fear you have comes back to apathy. You are understandably scared to try something new, but that fear turns into apathy as you become accustomed to working 8-5, living paycheck to paycheck, and working for the weekend.

You begin to lose hope that your situation will ever change, and you will live an apathetic, unproductive, and unchanging life.

R: Responsibility

The fear of responsibility is an effective subconscious enemy of those with big dreams. You would love to have the freedom and resources to work when you want, travel where you want, and purchase what you want, but you are afraid of how you will deal with it all.

I have friends in their late twenties that still live at home with their parents. Their parents do their laundry, cook their meals, and for all I know still tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. It’s one thing to save money on living expenses, but it’s nothing but fear that keeps them from exploring a life of their own.

There will always be a solution to life’s problems, even if you don’t like what that may be. Do not be afraid of responsibility. It will teach you how to manage your life and utilize the tools around you for your benefit.

Use F.E.A.R. To Make Money

Keep the following four things in mind and you will open new doors to making money.

  1. Failure: Do not be afraid to fail. Use your failures as a learning tool to succeed in the future.
  2. Emotion: Do not let your emotions control your decisions. Make your choices based on logic and you will have better control over the outcome.
  3. Apathy: Care about the things you do in your life, if not for yourself, then for those around you. Your decisions affect your friends and family too.
  4. Responsibility: Do not be scared of taking on new things. You will learn and grow in ways you never thought possible.

Has fear stopped you from taking action in the past?

Share your story in the comments or share this article with a fearful friend below.

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